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RFectPMsiRNA/miRNA Transfection Reagent







RFectPM原代细胞小核酸转染试剂是我公司美国研发团队在RFect细胞株小核酸转染试剂的基础上加以改进研发成功的专门用于原代细胞小核酸转染的试剂。RFectPM可用来转染siRNA、miRNA mimicsmiRNA inhibitor等200bp以内的小分子RNA,可转染绝大多数原代细胞。目前,无论国外还是国内,原代细胞的核酸转染都是个热点难题,市场还缺乏真正有效的商品化的原代细胞核酸转染试剂。RFectPM能够高效转染绝大多数原代细胞,获得比较理想的基因敲除效果。甚至对一些活体寄生虫幼虫,RFectPM也能获得较为理想的转染结果。对于大多数原代细胞,RFectPM的细胞转染阳性率都在80%以上,而转染细胞死亡率不到10%。RFectPM的使用也极其简便,先将sRNA与RFectPM室温混合,再将siRNA-RFectPM混合物直接加入含培养基的细胞,血清对转染效果没有影响,不必刻意添加或更换培养液。


· 原代细胞转染性能:细胞转染阳性率一般在80%以上,基因敲除效果明显,肝细胞Lamin A/C 基因敲除效率在95%以上;


· 转染细胞范围广,绝大多数原代细胞都能获得比较理想的转染结果。

Fig.1. Superior knockdown with RFectPM transfection reagent on difficult transfection primary cells.Differentprimarycells were transfected with scrambled or Lamin A/C siRNA (final concentration: 10nM) using RFectPM.In this and all the following figures, all the cells are harvested 48 hours after transfection and Lamin A/C knockdown was measured by qRT-PCR.

Fig.2. RFectPM transfection reagent offers high level of gene knockdown with low concentration of siRNA. Lamin A/C siRNA-RFectPM transfection complexes were prepared in 96-well plates,and then bovine chondrocytes were added to each well.


Clone 9(大鼠肝细胞),HUVEC(人脐静脉原代内皮细胞),原代血管平滑肌细胞,大鼠原代心肌细胞,Primary Human Fibroblasts(人原代成纤维细胞),大鼠骨髓间充质干细胞,MSC(间充质干细胞),BE(2)C(人神经母细胞瘤细胞),MRC-5(人胚胎成纤维细胞),NIH3T3(小鼠胚胎成纤维细胞),B16F10(小鼠黑色素瘤高转移细胞),BNL.CL2(小鼠胚胎肝细胞),C6(大鼠神经胶质瘤细胞),神经元细胞等。


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